The best solution to help you get started with DJing.
Have fun learning all of the essentials with this user-friendly yet complete interface.

DJUCED™ 18° is the best software to help you learn to mix! Combining an ultra-user-friendly interface with a complete feature set, DJUCED™ 18° will let you discover DJing and advance your skills quickly. It's DJing made simple, for everyone!


DJUCED™ 18°: the complete yet easy-to-use DJ software.

From the equalizer, to music management, FX, samples, Cue points, loops and more advanced features, DJUCED™ 18° is the perfect DJ software to learn how to mix with, and progress to become a DJ!


Easy and intuitive access to DJ features.

Access all of the main DJing functions at a glance: clearly displayed on the main screen, you can easily trigger Fx, loops and Cue points, and always keep an eye on them.


The waveform revolution!

Visualize your sound, and see the tempo like never before!
DJUCED™ 18° waveforms feature an innovative method displaying 3 colors at the same time: 1 for bass, 1 for mids and 1 for treble. Faster, more visually appealing, and interactive, this allows you to instantly identify different sections in tracks. Waveforms also react in real time to all adjustments made in the equalizer.


In the mood for a change?

DJUCED™ 18° now offers a new skin: discover Black DJUCED™ 18°, and choose your skin according to your mood.


All about the music: a smart and user-friendly browser.

DJUCED™ 18° provides easy access to your files and playlists. Featuring a Smart Search function and comprehensive sorting options (title, artist or BPM), it's always quick and easy to find the perfect song.
For added convenience, songs already played are clearly indicated – and the best-matching next song is suggested as well!


Rich loop features: Make your remixes unique!

DJUCED™ 18° offers optimized loop visualization.
Thanks to EZ loop mode, you can quickly create perfect loops synced to the tempo of your tracks.
Extracting loops has never been easier! Just drag and drop your loop into the sampler, and it's automatically split into 4 samples!


Get your hands on a unique sampler.

Easily trigger samples using the Play button. You can even adjust the sample volume via the potentiometer, and record a sample extracted from the track that's currently playing!
This ability to import new samples incredibly quickly helps you to maximize your creativity.


Make amazing music with the step sequencer.

Create your own custom grooves and rhythms with this powerful music creation tool. Import existing samples, or even your own, just by dragging and dropping them into the step sequencer – then let your DJing instincts do the rest.


Mix. Record. Perform. Share.

Use the Rec button to record your work whenever you like! It's the best tool to improve your performances and share your mixes with the world.


Enjoy some well-earned time-outs.

Because DJing is also about partying, the Automix function lets you mix and mingle. Select the playlist you want to hear, select a song from the playlist and let us do the rest!

Did you know?

The DJUCED™ 18° software is locked for use with Hercules controllers, but you can try it out thanks to the 30-minute free trial.

DJUCED™ 18° is available in 14 languages, including Chinese and Japanese!

Compatible hardware

Hercules DJControl Compact

The most complete and portable DJ controller!

Compatible hardware

DJControl Instinct S Series (& DJControl Instinct)

Free your DJing instincts

Compatible hardware

DJControl Air S Series (& DJControl Air)

A new look for the DJ controller with touch and air-based controls.

Compatible hardware

Hercules DJControl Glow

Take your party to the next stage!

Compatible hardware

DJControl MP3 LE

The best way to DJ MIX at parties!



Microsoft Windows® Vista/7/8/10 32-bit and 64-bit. ASIO and WASAPI.


Core Duo CPU Mac + Mac OS 10.8 / 10.9 / 10.10



DJUCED™ 18°: 1 GB RAM or more (2 GB in 64-bit OS).

Technical specification

2-deck DJ software:
-Turntables display
-Advanced BPM analysis
-3-band equalizer
-Loops, with easy mode
-Hot Cue points
-Play/Pause/Cue on each deck
-Pitch fader (1 per deck) with Keylock function

-Effects (Echo, Flanger, Reverb, Chorus, Auto-wah, Compressor, Rotate, High-pass/Low-pass filters)
-Step sequencer
-Record mix
-Record samples
-MAGIC loop extraction
-Cue visualization on waveforms and decks