The brand new version 3 of the comprehensive, professional and intuitive DJing software, combining mixing and performance features.

This advanced, high-performance solution for DJs allows you to mix, remix and host parties with ease. Designed for experienced DJs, DJUCED™ 40° nonetheless offers an ergonomic interface, performance assistance features and scalable content, ensuring a quick start-up and limitless creativity. DJUCED™ 40° allows you to perform classic two-deck mixes, or to select a four-deck remix display, dedicated to performance.


At the crossroads of mixing and performance

DJUCED™ 40° delivers no-compromise mixing and remixing software. Featuring two audio decks, multiple effects, synchronization and waveform features and much more, DJUCED™ 40° is perfect for mixing. In addition, with two multilayer samplers, advanced loop management and a Slicer feature, DJUCED™ 40° delivers comprehensive performance software. Rearranging songs, adding instruments, changing the order of bars… everything is now possible! 


A friend that wishes you well

DJUCED™ 40° remains true to its original philosophy: to facilitate inspiration and to allow DJs to transform their ideas into sound and unleash their creativity. To this end, DJUCED™ 40° includes multiple performance assistance features that allow DJs to focus on their mix only:

- Full synchronization between audio decks and sampler decks.

- The Snap, Quantization and Slip features ensure that DJUCED™ 40° always moves in rhythm with the mix.

- Snap: all actions (Cue points, loops, etc.) are always triggered in rhythm with the mix.

- Quantization: all actions are always performed in rhythm with the mix.

- Slip: the mix's rhythm and phrase are always maintained, no matter what you're doing.


Intuitive, innovative and evolutionary

DJUCED™ 40° boasts both innovative features and a user-friendly interface! In addition to the LoopMasters samples packs included with DJUCED™ 40°, DJs can create their own samples very intuitively, by importing them directly from the current track via a simple Drag & Drop process!

The software displays all information concerning the four decks.

To deliver a flawless experience, DJUCED™ 40° will include demonstrations tracks and loads of samples, allowing you to get started instantly after downloading the application!


High-resolution effects engine and Macro FX system.

Enjoy the quality, accuracy and harmony of a wide array of available effects (more than 10).

The Macro FX feature enables you to control all effects using one knob only.



High-resolution audio engine with AutoGain feature.

DJUCED™ 40° delivers up to 96 kHz/24-bit audio resolution, ensuring crystal-clear sound and flawless rendition of mixes. The AutoGain feature ensures perfect adjustment of the decks' levels, at all times.


Enriched loops management functions: make your remixes unique!

DJUCED™ 40° offers optimized ergonomics: view loops on complete and enlarged waveforms.

Synchronize loops and beats perfectly. With the Slip feature, when a loop is stopped, the track resumes at the exact location where it would be without the loop. This ensures that you will keep the rhythm and the structure of tracks intact!

Rearranging tracks live. The Slicer feature enables you to split your loops into 8 tracks that you can play at will.

Extracting loops has never been easier! Simply drag and drop the song title to a sampler to automatically create a sample from the loop!


Enjoy a multilayer sampler

Easily launch samples or switch from one sample to another while always sticking to the track's rhythm. DJUCED™ 40°'s multilayer sampler allows you to play four samples simultaneously and in a sequence.

The Quantization feature ensures that samples start, fade and stop at the right tempo. You can even adjust the volume of a sample individually, or save a sample created from the current track!

Creating a batch of samples to prepare a remix has never been easier: simply save the 16 samples in one single action!



Dual audio filter on each deck.

Filters (high-pass/low-pass) and key adjustments are instantly accessible from each deck.


Resizable interface.

DJUCED™ 40° easily adapts to different screen resolutions. Enjoy an optimized display on all screens, tailored to your personal preference!


3.0 DJing software

DJUCED™ 40° includes an exclusive feature allowing to share your playlist with your audience before the party, and to invite your friends to vote for their favorite songs (using a web application accessible on any connected device). Create the perfect playlist for every party!

And with DJUCED™ Master, you can even track votes as the party unfolds! The songs that receive the highest number of votes can be viewed on your second device (tablet or smartphone). You can view songs, artists and special messages telling you exactly what tracks your audience wants to hear!


The waveforms revolution!

View your sound and display the tempo like never before!

DJUCED™ 40°'s waveforms provide an innovative visualization mode, displaying three colors simultaneously for bass, medium and treble frequencies, respectively. Quicker, more attractive and more interactive, this display enables you to instantly identify different sections within songs at a glance. In addition, the waveforms react in real time to any adjustments made in the equalizer.



An intelligent and versatile explorer

DJUCED™ 40° ensures easy access to your files and playlists. The software's smart search feature and comprehensive sorting options (by title, artist or BPM) allow you to quickly and easily locate the ideal song.

You can rely on a smart companion, which shows you what songs have already been played, and recommends the next most suitable tracks!

In addition, you can adjust the explorer's size to your requirements; display as many tracks as you want, thanks to the extended explorer!


Smart Mix automix

The Smart Mix automix feature allows magical transitions: the tempo is automatically reset (this feature can be disabled in the software's settings) at the end of each transition, and tracks are precisely adjusted when the crossfader is moved.


Mix. Record. Play. Share.

Use the Save button to save your work whenever you want! This is the best tool to improve your performance and share your mixes with the world.

Did you know?

Thanks to the synchronization function, the Automix feature is now even more powerful, constantly adjusting every song's tempo.

The Snap feature automatically corrects the position of any created Cue points. The Quantization feature adjusts the moment when an activated Cue point is triggered.

You can choose the color of waveforms in DJUCED™ 40°'s settings.

Dry/Wet parameters control the overall level of effects in the audio. Dry means NO effects in the audio signal, while Wet means ONLY effects.

DJUCED™ 40° is available in 14 languages, including Chinese and Japanese!

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Microsoft Windows® 7 or higher (32 and 64-bit)

ASIO and WASAPI drivers


Mac with Core Duo CPU and Mac OS 10.9 or higher (32 and 64-bit)


Minimum system requirements:

2 GHz CPU or higher, with 2 GB RAM or more

1 GB of available hard drive space

Screen resolution: 1024x768


Recommended system requirements:

2.5 GHz Core i3 / 4 GB RAM

Screen resolution: 1280x800

Technical specification

4-deck DJ software
- Select display mode

- Display of decks

- Resizable interface

- Colored waveforms with beat markers

- Choice of waveform colors

- Waveforms for entire tracks

- Advanced BPM analysis

- Display of remaining time and elapsed time

- Album art display



- Quantization

- 3-band equalizer

- Dual audio filters

- Magic Fade

- Key filter

- Recording gain

- Headphones volume

- Pre-filter monitoring

- Peak meter

- Adjust Cue points/the mix

- Loops, loops in playback


- Adjust loop sizes

- Move loops

- Cue points

- Cue points, play and pause

- Play/Pause/Cue on each deck

- Crossfader

- Pitch fader (1 per deck)

- Reset pitch fader

- Automatic pitch range

- Synchronization

- Master tempo

- Master/Slave deck
- Effects (Flanger, Gate, Phaser, Reverb, Peakfilter, Bitcrusher, Chorus, HP Filter, LP Filter, Delay, Resonator, Megavox, Phonevox, Phaser Reverb, LFO Flanger, LFO Flanger Phaser)

- Select effects banks on each deck

- Macro FX

- Multilayer sampler with loop adjustment, quantization and volume control

- Record the mix

- Recording compression

- Share recordings on SoundCloud

- Record samples

- Scratch

- Automix

- Support for MIDI controllers

- Import MIDI mappings

- Keyboard mapping

- DJUCED™ Party

- Extended display for browser

- Multi-criteria sorting

- iTunes library display

- Monitoring in file browser

- Advanced matching track criteria

- Display played tracks

- Manage external sources