With the Hercules DJControlWave, the perfect combination for a unique DJing experience on iPad.

DJUCED™ DJW lets you discover the essential functions for DJing in perfect harmony with Hercules DJControlWave, the unique wireless DJ controller for iPad.
Originally specially designed for Hercules DJControlWave, DJUCED™ DJW is also available as a stand-alone version via in-app purchase: it will allow you to enjoy all of your iTunes music and playlists, and use them to mix without any limits.


The keys to intuitive and fun mixing, in perfect harmony with your controller!

An app specially designed for the controller: the iPad app and the controller complement one another perfectly, with all the important functions for each device conveniently accessible.


Enjoy a refined design

Focus on the essentials; view all information and key features in one glance. A truly user-friendly DJ application


Learn with DJUCED DJW

Discover all functions, and learn the basics of mixing through the step-by-step dynamic user guide! Short and simple, it will have you mixing in no time!


Let the app help you!

Automatic track syncing, and automatic management of the speed of tracks being mixed (automatic sync and Pitch reset). Kill transitions from day one!
Enjoy some well-deserved time-outs thanks to the Automix feature: just select the playlist that you want to hear, select a song in the playlist and DJUCED™ DJW will do the rest!


The freedom to party anywhere!

Because DJUCED™ DJW and Hercules DJControlWave are all about the freedom to party wherever you are. Easily manage the lighting on the WAE NEO speaker – the wireless speaker from Hercules combining the power of sound with the magic of light – directly through the app!


The waveform revolution!

Visualize your sound, and see the tempo like never before!
DJUCED™ DJW waveforms feature an innovative method displaying 3 colors at the same time: 1 for bass, 1 for mids and 1 for treble. Faster, more visually appealing, and interactive, this allows you to instantly identify different sections in tracks. Waveforms also react in real time to all adjustments made in the equalizer.


It's all about the music.

DJUCED™ DJW makes it simple to access your iTunes library and playlists. Featuring a Smart Search function and comprehensive sorting options (title, artist or BPM), it's always quick and easy to find the perfect song.
For added convenience, songs already played are clearly indicated as well!


Unleash your creativity.

Want unique samples? With DJUCED™ DJW, it couldn't be easier!
Just go to the sample panel and record anything you like using your iPad's mic (your voice, or any other sound) with a single touch. Press play: it's in your mix!
You can even access your personal samples via AirDrop!


All important DJing functions are right at your fingertips.

DJUCED™ DJW is truly comprehensive and offers a full equalizer, a rich loop feature (to create perfect loops synced to the tempo with adjustable length), scratching, up to 3 Hot Cue points allowing you to jump to the perfect spots in your songs, Fx, pitch and much more.
All mixing possibilities are wide open!
The record feature is also ideal for creating, sharing and honing your work!

Did you know?

DJUCED DJW is free with Hercules DJControlWave, but can also be used alone via an in-app purchase

Djuced DJW is available in 12 languages!


Discover all configurations available for DJUCED DJW and Hercules DJControlWave

Compatible hardware


The first wireless DJ controller compatible with all your screens

Compatible hardware

Hercules DJControlWave
The wireless DJ controller specially designed for iPad




iOS tablet:

iPad mini, iPad 3 and higher

iOS 7 and higher

Technical specification

2-deck DJ application
Over 90 features:
-Turntables display
-Advanced BPM analysis
-3-band equalizer
-3 Hot Cue points
-Play/Pause/Cue on each deck


-Pitch fader (1 per deck)
-Effects (Filter, Echo, Flanger, Reverb, Chorus)
-Record mix
-Record samples
-WAE NEO light management