Hercules Unveils DJUCED™ 40° 3.5 at 2017 NAMM Show

Jan, 2017

A brand-new version of the pro DJ software that lets users mix, create and have fun with their music in the most intuitive way possible


A big part of the teams’ strength lies in the importance they place on listening to their user community when it comes to making improvements in DJUCED™, as was the case with the Sample Editor, and responding to the new expectations that have emerged from the base of 500,000 licensed users.


More precise than ever: A fully-scalable interface with 4K support, and high-resolution waveforms

Beat Counter: Instantly view the beat alignment.

“Smart Mix” Automix feature can be used directly from the DJUCED™ 40° 3.5 file explorer. This feature helps users find the best-matching tracks to be played, in terms of BPM and key.

Vinyl Torque is an innovative new emulator that lets users feel the weight of real turntable platters, and use the “Brake effect”.

And last but certainly not least, improvements to the Scratch feature in DJUCED™ 40° 3.5 now ensure optimized compatibility with the Hercules DJControl Jogvision controller!

The new DJUCED™ 40° 3.5 update will be available for download from January 19, 2017 – in the Downloads section at

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DJUCED Team partners with QOBUZ

Sep, 2016

BPM I PRO 2016 DJ & Studio, September 10, 2016. Inspired by their continuous improvement logic and limitless creativity, the DJUCED™ team is proud to announce a partnership with the Qobuz online music service.


The music enthusiasts forming the DJUCED™ team have chosen to call upon none other than Qobuz to add an online music platform to their advanced DJing solution, DJUCED™ 40°.

Both Qobuz’s professional sound quality and the service’s commitment to offering an exceptional musical experience made Qobuz an obvious choice to harmoniously complement DJUCED™ 40°.

What does this change for DJUCED™ users?

Users will now have access, directly within DJUCED™, to over 30 million tracks available in true CD quality (16 bits/44.1 kHz) offered by Qobuz.

Provided that they subscribe to the service, DJUCED™ users will enjoy unlimited access to all the tracks that they wish to play, to which they can add effects, EQ and samples.

Fully integrated with DJUCED™ 40°’s interface, the music tracks from Qobuz will launch as intuitively as any other DJ track, and can, of course, be mixed with locally hosted music tracks.



From December 2016, DJUCED™ 40° users will be able to integrate Qobuz’s high quality music streaming and download platform, already available today throughout most of Europe, via a simple software update.


Learn more about Qobuz:

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Mar, 2016

In addition to its passion for music, DJUCED™’s strength lies in its commitment to listen to its community and to offer new uses based on users’ expectations.

Today, DJUCED™’s teams are proud to unveil DJUCED™ 40° 3.0’s newest feature: the sample pack editor.

It makes a simple promise: create your samples with complete freedom and unrivalled simplicity.

Built into DJUCED™ 40° 3.0, the sample pack editor allows users to invent their own sample packs, with no restrictions, in just a few clicks. 

Until now, DJUCED™ 40° 3.0 allowed users to create the samples on the fly, using simple drag & drop controls. While the software’s simplicity has not changed, its concept has been reworked; results can now be refined with ease; after dragging & dropping samples, users only need to assign 3 criteria:

  • A name, to locate their samples easily.
  • The sample’s BPM, to confirm its rhythm.
  • A color, to ensure optimum visual user-friendliness.

All criteria are automatically saved!


This new tool provides a host of new possibilities; it is suited to both new users, who can build samples from their favorite songs, and to more experienced musicians, who can create their own samples using DAW software.

  • DJUCED™ 40° 3.1.2, including sample pack editor, will be available for download on April 6th.


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