Mar, 2016

In addition to its passion for music, DJUCED™’s strength lies in its commitment to listen to its community and to offer new uses based on users’ expectations.

Today, DJUCED™’s teams are proud to unveil DJUCED™ 40° 3.0’s newest feature: the sample pack editor.

It makes a simple promise: create your samples with complete freedom and unrivalled simplicity.

Built into DJUCED™ 40° 3.0, the sample pack editor allows users to invent their own sample packs, with no restrictions, in just a few clicks. 

Until now, DJUCED™ 40° 3.0 allowed users to create the samples on the fly, using simple drag & drop controls. While the software’s simplicity has not changed, its concept has been reworked; results can now be refined with ease; after dragging & dropping samples, users only need to assign 3 criteria:

  • A name, to locate their samples easily.
  • The sample’s BPM, to confirm its rhythm.
  • A color, to ensure optimum visual user-friendliness.

All criteria are automatically saved!


This new tool provides a host of new possibilities; it is suited to both new users, who can build samples from their favorite songs, and to more experienced musicians, who can create their own samples using DAW software.

  • DJUCED™ 40° 3.1.2, including sample pack editor, will be available for download on April 6th.


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DJUCED™ Partners with Loopmasters to Bring a Common Passion for Music to the service of DJs and Performers

Feb, 2016

Dedicated to performance, DJUCED™ 40° 3.0 is combined with varied, high-quality content from Loopmasters for the perfect combo of limitless creativity


New York, February 23, 2016 - DJUCED™ and Loopmasters today announce a partnership between the two brands that will offer users content in the form of sample packs from an extensive list of genres that can easily be integrated into the DJUCED 40° software platform. Once a month, through their web portal, DJUCED will provide a free Loopmasters sample pack to DJUCED 40° users to help them expand their creativity for producing digital music as both a creative composer and as a live performer.


“With the latest version of DJUCED 40°, we’ve offered a new approach to DJing, enabling users to harness their creativity with advanced new performance features,” said Stéphane Bellanger, Development Manager for DJUCED. “As we consistently focus on intuitiveness and scalability, we felt a partnership with Loopmasters would truly offer these users a constantly updated stream of content as their music styles evolved and skillsets grow.”


“This new version of DJUCED 40° is innovative and was surprising to the industry, allowing DJs to better grasp and take advantage of samples - the heart of remixing,” said Kelvin Kresge, Marketing Manager for Loopmaster. “DJUCED offers a new path, completely in line with our spirit, demonstrating the endless possibilities offered by our samples, enhanced by the simplicity of use provided by DJUCED.”


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DJUCED™ Enters New Era with DJUCED 40°; Full Pro Version Pushes the Boundaries and Skillset for DJ Performers

Jan, 2016

Full-Featured DJ Software Provides Easy-to-Use Platform

Anaheim, CA - January 22, 2016 - DJUCED™, the full-featured DJ software for the
mobile and professional DJ, showcases the company’s updated full-version of its
DJUCED 40° professional DJ software at NAMM 2016. With this third version of the
software, the brand has extensively redesigned its flagship solution, adding new
functionalities, a new interface and opening up additional features that are targeted at
the performance DJ.

“We are excited and proud to showcase this new version of DJUCED to the NAMM
community and DJs worldwide,” said Stephane Bellanger, DJUCED Development
Manager. “Its release symbolizes the will of the software engineers to share a
common passion and desire to let the art of DJing evolve according to every user's
requirements and comments. We are confident that its flexibility, ease-of-use and
future upgradability will stimulate users' creativity, no matter their current skill level.”

Uncompromising software dedicated to mixes and remixes
More versatile than ever and oriented to the remix artist, this new opus of the brand's
advanced DJing software offers a host of new features designed to boost creativity.
Version 3.0 makes no compromise and remains deeply rooted in the mixing world,
while also boasting previously unreleased performance-focused features.


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