DJUCED™ 18° and DJUCED™ 40° released

Sep, 2014

We are proud to announce new releases of DJUCED™ 18° and DJUCED™ 40°.
What’s new in these releases?


DJUCED™ 40° Version 2.0.95 and DJUCED™ 18° Version 1.0.95



Sound Library Management:


Check your library, analyze your tracks, find your missing files, keep external drive well organized.
12 new samples from LYRICS TO GO ENTERTAINMENT


Magic Fade(DJUCED™ 40° only):


Automatic pith reset when transition ends, easy bass transition.


Black Design Skins (DJUCED™ 18° only):


Get a new design for your DJUCED™


Get the new versions on DJUCED™ download area.

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DJUCED™ DJW version 1.2.2

Sep, 2014

DJUCED™ DJW version 1.2.2 is available on the App Store.


The app can now be used without Hercules DJControlWave!
Try out DJUCED DJW demo version with your 6 favorite tracks - You will love it; for sure , and you will then be able to buy the unlimited version!


DJUCED™ DJW is a full, user friendly DJ application, to rock your parties with your iPad!


DJUCED DJW on the App Store

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