DJUCED 5 recommended computers specifications

As you may know, computers and operating systems are delivering new versions every year.

We are working hard to make DJUCED compatible with the latest macOS and Windows releases.

Please refer to our download page to watch the current updated recommended specifications, for a smooth DJUCED experience.

Best experience configuration #

Microsoft Windows© 11 – 64-bit – Latest Update – (Windows 10 still supported)
Intel Core i5 or superior (7th generation)*
ASIO and WASAPI drivers

macOS© 13 and superior (macOS 11, 12 still supported).

Intel Core i5 and superior*
Apple Silicon M1/M2 processors supported

SSD Hard Drive recommended

*A 2016 or later computer is recommended for the Best DJUCED experience.
We can’t guaranty a fluid experience on older computers.
Please don’t forget to optimise your computer for DJing

As Microsoft stopped the official support on Windows 7 and 8, we can’t guarantee any official support on these platforms.
As Apple stopped the official support on macOS 10.15 and inferior, we can’t guarantee any official support on these platforms.

For AMD Ryzen processors, DJUCED should work smoothly if chipset and graphic drivers are up to date.

With older AMD processors, they will need to support SSE3 instructions to be able to run DJUCED.