The essential app for your
DJ parties 3.0!

Part of the complete Hercules universal DJ ecosystem, DJUCED™ Master – a DJing and party-hosting app – is the must-have solution to take your parties to the next level. Its many completely new and exciting features will add a new dimension to your parties and your DJ skills!


Take your parties to the next level with DJUCED™ Master!

Discover collaborative and social mixing with the brand-new "My Party" feature!
Share your playlist with your guests thanks to this unique feature included in DJUCED™ 40°, and follow the votes before and during your party!
Your guests will be able to vote before and during the party thanks to the free DJUCED™ Party Web app.


Always stay in touch with your audience.

In DJUCED™ Master, you'll be able to see the songs and artists that your guests have requested, along with their messages for you. Have even more fun by collaborating with your audience!


Always stay in control with "My Remote".

Keep on mixing using your smartphone or tablet, in addition to via your computer. Using Bluetooth® wireless technology and "My Remote", you can have fun interacting with your audience and showing them your skills up close while staying in control of the party!


Enjoy stress-free partying!

You can easily manage the transitions between tracks, even if you're caught in the middle of a conversation or a drink: just use the handy PANIC button, which will automatically play the best-fitting track next!


Be as creative as pro DJs.

Thanks to the Fx maps and loop combos included in DJUCED™ Master, unleash your creativity and rock parties like a pro!


Extend your computer in the simplest way possible.

In addition to your laptop and controller, use just one finger on your tablet or smartphone to easily create loops, duplicate pads and control effects!


An app that's constantly evolving.

And the best part is that all this is just the beginning! The DJUCED™ team is already hard at work on even more great new features: informative stats, fun DJing improvements.
Help us give you all of the tools that you need to make your parties even better: don't hesitate to share your ideas or needs to help us further refine this constantly-evolving app.

Did you know?

DJUCED™ Master is the only app providing a remote, an extender and a party mode.

DJUCED™ Master only works when used in conjunction with DJUCED™ 40° and Hercules Universal DJ?

Your guests can all easily access the DJUCED™ Party Web app for free – allowing them to vote and submit requests, both before the party and while you're mixing?


DJUCED™ Master is part of a full ecosystem, and will work only if all of the following elements are used in conjunction:
Laptop with DJUCED™ 40°
Hercules Universal DJ controller
DJUCED™ Master

Compatible hardware

Hercules Universal DJ
The DJ Party 3.0 - 2015 CES Innovation Awards

Compatible hardware


The first wireless DJ controller compatible with all your screens

Compatible hardware

Hercules DJControlWave
The wireless DJ controller specially designed for iPad



iOS 7 and higher iPad 3 and higher iPhone 4S and higher iPod Touch version 5 and higher


Tablet or smartphone If your Android device must meet the following minimum system requirements: Bluetooth 3.0 Android™ 4.0 and higher

Technical specification

My Remote:
Play for each deck
Sync for each deck
Volume for each deck
Alert for each deck
Alert function
PANIC button
Remaining time for track on each deck
Load best-matching track


My Extender:
Deck selection


My Party:
Shared playlist display
Live vote countdown
Requests and messages