DJUCED 2019 – Fall Update (version 4.1)

Improvements :

  • Decks headers are now aligned in all resolutions.
  • Overview waveforms are now bigger.
  • Smartmix uses the Intro and Outro detection.
  • DJ Academy has been Updated with “Pro Tips & Tricks” videos.
  • zPlane Elastique has been updated for better Timestretching.
  • Bass sound is easier to see on Waveforms.

New features :

  • Added a tool to clean Library and remove missing files.
  • The Assistant can now suggests you “Mix In” and “Mix Out” area of a song.
  • Demo mode is not limited to 30 minutes anymore. You can use DJUCED for FREE without a controller in 2 Decks. (record is also disabled).
  • Mixcloud Integration : record, save and share your mixtape directly to your Mixcloud profile. (Check our profile below!)

Bugfixes :

  • Multiple translations fixed in settings.
  • Qobuz integration has been updated.
  • Track Index is now correcly displayed when sorting into Playlist
  • Waveforms should not been cut on externalscreens.
  • New DJ Academy Integration with Youtube player.