SoundCloud Go+ – Information and Troubleshooting

General Information #

What is Soundcloud Go+? #

SoundCloud Go+ is the streaming service of the known music service.
SoundCloud Go+ gives you offline and ad-free listening to everything from mainstream releases to DJ sets and remixes.

By using SoundCloud Go+ with DJUCED, you can mix all the SoundCloud music catalog accessible in High quality audio.

Is SoundCloud Go+ free? #

SoundCloud Go+ is not a free service.

You can find SoundCloud Go+ subscription offers and try for one month for free by following this link:

Do I need a SoundCloud Go+ subscription to use the “Free DJ Playlist” ? #

No, you don’t.

To use the Free DJ Playlist :

  1. Navigate to the “SoundCloud” category in the Browser
  2. Select and Open “Free DJ Playlists”
  3. Choose one of the available Playlists by style.

Note: Playlists and content are refreshed by SoundCloud, not by DJUCED.
We don’t know when tracks are added or deleted.

Why DJUCED recording feature is disabled when using SoundCloud+ music? #

When using a streaming service, you don’t own the music, you have access to read it.

Our contract with SoundCloud Go+ includes that DJUCED can’t record any audio coming from the service.

Troubleshooting #

Why accessing/downloading SoundCloud Go+ music files takes time? #

SoundCloud Go+ proposes a high quality subscription and delivers 256 kbps AAC Streaming music.

In that format, 4 minutes of music is a file around 10Mb.

That’s why having a good and stable internet connection is required for a good experience.

I can’t Login to SoundCloud Go+ in DJUCED, what should I do? #

SoundCloud Go+ is an online service that requires an Internet connection to work with DJUCED, and also a subscription.

If you still can’t access to SoundCloud Go+ service in DJUCED, please check that:

  1. SoundCloud Go+ service is online – If it’s offline, it will not work either in DJUCED.
  2. DJUCED application is authorized to communicate with the internet – so – that a firewall or an antivirus program doesn’t block DJUCED.
  3. Your internet connection is stable and fast.
  4. You are using the latest DJUCED version, streaming access updates require it.