SoundCloud Go+ – Information and Troubleshooting

General Information #

What is Soundcloud Go+? #

SoundCloud Go+ is the streaming service of the known music service.
SoundCloud Go+ gives you offline and ad-free listening to everything from mainstream releases to DJ sets and remixes.

By using SoundCloud Go+ with DJUCED, you can mix all the SoundCloud music catalog accessible in High quality audio.

Is SoundCloud Go+ free? #

SoundCloud Go+ is not a free service.

You can find SoundCloud Go+ subscription offers and try for one month for free by following this link:

Do I need a SoundCloud Go+ subscription to use the “Free DJ Playlist” ? #

No, you don’t.

To use the Free DJ Playlist :

  1. Navigate to the “SoundCloud” category in the Browser
  2. Select and Open “Free DJ Playlists”
  3. Choose one of the available Playlists by style.

Note: Playlists and content are refreshed by SoundCloud, not by DJUCED.
We don’t know when tracks are added or deleted.

Why DJUCED recording feature is disabled when using SoundCloud+ music? #

When using a streaming service, you don’t own the music, you have access to read it.

Our contract with SoundCloud Go+ includes that DJUCED can’t record any audio coming from the service.

Troubleshooting #

Why accessing/downloading SoundCloud Go+ music files takes time? #

SoundCloud Go+ proposes a high quality subscription and delivers 256 kbps AAC Streaming music.

In that format, 4 minutes of music is a file around 10Mb.

That’s why having a good and stable internet connection is required for a good experience.

I can’t Login to SoundCloud Go+ in DJUCED, what should I do? #

SoundCloud Go+ is an online service that requires an Internet connection to work with DJUCED, and also a subscription.

If you still can’t access to SoundCloud Go+ service in DJUCED, please check that:

  1. SoundCloud Go+ service is online – If it’s offline, it will not work either in DJUCED.
  2. DJUCED application is authorized to communicate with the internet – so – that a firewall or an antivirus program doesn’t block DJUCED.
  3. Your internet connection is stable and fast.
  4. You are using the latest DJUCED version, streaming access updates require it.

I see a blank page when I open a login window for the first time. What should I do? #

Sometimes, the first secured connection to a streaming service login window can fail.

 To solve this, just try to:

  • Close the login Window and open it again
  • Restart DJUCED and try again – if the blank page still occur – restart DJUCED until the Login Window appears correctly.
  • Try to login from the Settings and not from the Main Interface.

We are sorry for these issues, that can happen depending of your country of residence, your Internet Provider and of course, your computer.
We are continuously working at our best to make streaming services compatible for everyone, everywhere, on Mac and PC.
Please remember that streaming platforms are third party services that we can’t guarantee their 100% availability.

Some songs are not available in DJUCED, but I can play them in the Soundcloud App or Browser, why? #

According to the Soundcloud support page, even if you have subscribed to the Go+ service, some music editors, labels, or artists don’t allow offline or 3rd party streaming.

Also, a song that has been available in the past can not be available in the future, or, having different « rights » depending on your country of residence.