How to Reset the Audio Library and Playlists

Why resetting the audio Library database ? #

Sometimes, you can have some writing issues with Analysis, Cue-Points etc…

This is usually because you have some ‘corrupted’ audio files into your library database.

In the case that your library is not working properly, you can use the Diagnostic Tools in DJUCED to backup your Library, and reset to an empty one.

Anyway, it will remove all playlists from DJUCED.

If DJUCED has correctly saved analysis information into the compatible music files, you will not have to re-analyze or re-CUE your songs when re-importing them into the database.

Reset the Database #

Go into DJUCED Settings => ABOUT => Click “Delete Audio Database” button.

Restart DJUCED as requested.

Note: the OLD database file is saved under “DJUCED.back” file in the “Documents/DJUCED/” folder.
Replace .back by .db to restore the database if needed.