My analysis – grid – bpm – hot cue are not saved ? Why ?

1-Check that DJUCED is installed on an administrator account. #

To work and record files without problems, DJUCED needs to be installed on an administrator account.

If not, DJUCED will probably not be allowed to write the analysis informations like BPM, Grid position, Hot Cue into it’s database and inside the music files.

2-Conflicts with Antivirus #

Recently, we have seen that some Antivirus solutions are not allowing DJUCED to write any informations its own database and in the music files.

Please check into your antivirus solution that DJUCED is not restricted to write files and informations on the computer.

For now, we have seen some conflicts with these antivirus solutions: Avast, NOD32.

3-Check that your music files are not on a “Read only” folder/Drive #

Sometimes, when using an external drive, it is possible that this drive is “Read-Only”.

In that case, DJUCED can’t write the analysis results inside the files.

Please copy these files on your local Hard drive or use a file system on the external drive that is not “Read-Only”.