How to migrate your DJUCED Library, playlists, and preferences from one computer to another

To migrate successfully your Playlists, DJUCED Preferences, and DJUCED Library from one computer to another, you will need to transfer the “Documents/DJUCED” folder and, obviously, all your music files. 

Step 1 – Clean the Database from missing files or duplicates. #

If you have used your DJUCED database for years, your Library may contain missing files or duplicates.

Follow this guide before starting the backup and transfer process:

Step 2 – Back up the “Documents/DJUCED” folder. #

The « Documents/DJUCED » folder contains:

  1. The “DJUCED.db” file is the database containing all your music Library, Playlists, and some metadata. Be aware that the DJUCED database doesn’t contain any music files, but only the organization of your Library.
  2. The “config.xml” file that contains all your DJUCED configuration and preferences
  3. Lots of folders containing Samples packs, Recordings, and cache folders from streaming services.

To guarantee a successful transfer, simply copy the entire “Documents/DJUCED” folder to the new computer, and place it in the same place on your new computer.

DJUCED software will automatically integrate all the settings when you start it on the new computer.

Step 3 – Back up all your Music files #

In our DJ Academy Videos, we recommend placing all your music files in the “Music” folder of your operating system.

The best solution is to have all your music files in the “Music” folder.

Just copy all your music files from your old computer to the new one.

Step 4 – Relink the Database to the music files with the “Relocate” function. #

When you have transferred your “Documents/DJUCED” folder and your music files, launch DJUCED on the new computer.

As you have migrated from one computer to another, it’s pretty sure that the imported DJUCED song Library will “think” that some of your music files are “missing”.

It is normal because the path of your music files has probably changed from your old computer to the new one.

(New hard drive letter, new “username”, or migrating from PC to mac).

Don’t panic, we will see how to “relocate” the music.

Step 4.1 – Open Song Library tools #

GO into “Song Library” (1) => “All Songs” (2), click the gear button, and choose “Check Library” in the menu (3)

Relocate function

Step 4.2 – Use the “Relocate” button to specify the folder you just set your music files. #

DJUCED will scan the folder for the files and relocate them to the Library!

relocate button 2

It’s done! Have a good mix!