I had an unexpected crash when using DJUCED, what can I do ?

More and more of you are using DJUCED, and we thank you!

We are aware of the problems that some of you may unfortunately encounter when using DJUCED.

These are thankfully “rare”, but they do exist, and we want to fix them.

Please note that it is necessarily difficult to find a solution to a problem that our development teams cannot reproduce.

This is inevitably due to the diversity of computer hardware, operating systems, quality of Internet connection, response of streaming services servers…

YOU can help us #

If DJUCED crashes unexpectedly and the “BugSplat” window appears at the next startup, asking if you want to share the latest crash with the developers, please do so.

It’s a direct and anonymous link to our teams, and by doing so you help the whole DJUCED community.

Today, less than 1% of you are experiencing crashes with DJUCED.

Our goal is to get that last percent even lower.

That can’t be done without you.

If you are in contact with our technical support, they can ask you for the BugSplat Crash ticket number.

You will find the Ticket number on the web page that appears after a successful report.

BugSplat window exemple
Exemple of a Crash Ticket Number.

Tips to avoid crashes

To avoid crashes, don’t forget that keeping your operating system in good shape can help.

DJing with DJUCED is a realtime audio application that needs stability from your operating system to provide the best performances and feeling.

You can follow our Guide to optimise your computer for DJing here: https://www.djuced.com/optimise-your-computer-for-djing/