DJUCED is slow or freezes on my computer, why?

Recommended specifications #

Using DJ software is something that requires some power from your computer, especially to maintain realtime audio access.

Be sure to have a computer up-to-date that fills the recommended specifications.

Also, Microsoft and Apple delivers new operating systems and computers every year, and we need to adapt our software to these new systems.

Please check that your computer specifications will work with DJUCED :

Use ASIO audio Drivers instead of WASAPI on Windows #

Since Windows 7, DJUCED can handle the native “Wasapi” audio interface. So you don’t need to install any drivers for your controller.
WASAPI works on most PCs, but some compatibility issues can happen on some systems.

However, if you are looking for realtime performances, download and Install the Hercules ASIO Driver for your Hercules DJ controller is the best solution.

Update your graphic card drivers #

DJing on a computer is a realtime application. It takes a big part of your CPU to maintain a perfect audio signal.
DJUCED interface is using your Graphics Processor Unit (GPU), to avoid draining too many resources on your CPU.
Being sure that your graphics drivers are properly installed or up to date is important.

Windows #

On PC machines, you have 3 mains graphics possibilities: Intel integrated graphics or Nvidia/AMD dedicated card or chipset.
Find the Brand and model of your graphics card in your computer’s documentation.

  • Intel Integrated: The best way to have the latest drivers for your Intel Integrated Chipset is to go to your Laptop/Mainboard manufacturer website, and find the latest Intel Installer in the support area.
  • AMD: Find your graphic model in the support area.
  • Nvidia: Find your graphic model in the download area

macOS #

Graphics update are automatic with your macOS updates.

Optimise your computer for DJing #

We have written a full guide to help you optimise your computer for a smooth DJing experience.

Follow the guide:

Analyze your library before your make a mix #

Analyzing music can take lots of resources on your processor and graphics card, and make your computer a bit hot. (just like when you play a video game).

If your computer is not so fast, please consider preparing your song library BEFORE mixing or recording in a live situation.

Once a song has been analyzed, DJUCED will never have to process it again.